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Recent Scientific Releases 

1. Mu A, Thomas E. Wales, Haixia Zhou, Sorin-Valeriu Draga-Coletă, Christoph Gorgulla, Katherine A. Blackmore, Melanie J. Mittenbühler, Caroline R. Kim, Dina Bogoslavski, Qiuyang Zhang, Zi-Fu Wang, Mark P. Jedrychowski, Hyuk-Soo Seo, Kijun Song, Andrew Z. Xu, Luke Sebastian, Steven P. Gygi, Haribabu Arthanari, Sirano Dhe-Paganon, Patrick R. Griffin, John R. Engen, Bruce M. Spiegelman, Irisin acts through its integrin receptor in a two-step process involving extracellular Hsp90α. Molecular Cell2023, 83 (11).

2. Mernea M, Ulăreanu RȘ, Cucu D, Al-Saedi JH, Pop C-E, Fendrihan S, Anghelescu GDC, Mihăilescu DF. Epithelial Sodium Channel Inhibition by Amiloride Addressed with THz Spectroscopy and Molecular Modeling. Molecules, 2022, 27(10):3271.

3. Cozorici D, Măciucă RA, Stancu C, Tihăuan BM, Uță RB, Codrea CI, Matache R, Pop CE, Wolff R, Fendrihan S. Microbial Contamination and Survival Rate on Different Types of Banknotes. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health2022, 19(7):4310.

4. Dumitrescu, C. R., Neacsu, I. A., Adrian, V., Pop, E., Trusca, R., Andronescu, E. Maturation of hydroxyapatite from biogenic calcium source–a comparative study. UPB Scientific  Bulletin, Series B: Chemistry And Materials Science: Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti, 2022, 84(1), 19-30. ISSN 1454-2331

5. Jawdhari A, Mihăilescu DF, Fendrihan S, Jujea V, Stoilov-Linu V, Negrea B-M. Silver Carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) (Asian Silver Carp) Presence in Danube Delta and Romania—A Review with Data on Natural Reproduction. Life, 2022, 12(10):1582.

6. Miu BA, Pop C-E, Crăciun N, Deák G. Bringing Life Back into Former Mining Sites: A Mini-Review on Soil Remediation Using Organic Amendments. Sustainability2022, 14(19):12469.

7. Negrea B-M, Stoilov-Linu V, Pop C-E, Deák G, Crăciun N, Făgăraș MM. Expansion of the Invasive Plant Species Reynoutria japonica Houtt in the Upper Bistrița Mountain River Basin with a Calculus on the Productive Potential of a Mountain Meadow. Sustainability, 2022, 14(9):5737.

8. Pop C-E, Draga S, Măciucă R, Niță R, Crăciun N, Wolff R. Bisphenol A Effects in Aqueous Environment on Lemna minor. Processes, 2021, 9(9):1512.

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