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Bellow are some of our most recent scientific releases, enjoy the read.

  • Pop, Cristian-Emilian, György Deák, Cristina Maria, Gina Ghiță, Alexandru Anton Ivanov, Sergiu Fendrihan, Dan Florin Mihăilescu, and Maria Mernea. 2023. "Ideonella sakaiensis Can Metabolize Bisphenol A as a Carbon Source" Microorganisms 11, no. 12: 2891.

  • Chen H, Lye MF, Gorgulla C, Ficarro SB, Cuny GD, et al. 2023. A small molecule exerts selective antiviral activity by targeting the human cytomegalovirus nuclear egress complex. PLOS Pathogens 19(11): e1011781.

  • Albajy, Maitham Abdallah, Maria Mernea, Alexandra Mihaila, Cristian-Emilian Pop, and Dan Florin Mihăilescu. 2023. "Harnessing Code Interpreters for Enhanced Predictive Modeling: A Case Study on High-Density Lipoprotein Level Estimation in Romanian Diabetic Patients" Journal of Personalized Medicine 13, no. 10: 1466.

  • Kim, C. R., Bogoslavski, D., Zhang, Q., Wang, Z. F., Jedrychowski, M. P., Seo, H. S., Song, K., Xu, A. Z., Sebastian, L., Gygi, S. P., Arthanari, H., Dhe-Paganon, S., Griffin, P. R., … Spiegelman, B. M. 2023. Irisin acts through its integrin receptor in a two-step process involving extracellular Hsp90α. Molecular cell, 83(11), 1903–1920.e12.

  • Mernea, Maria, Roxana Ștefania Ulăreanu, Dana Cucu, Jasim Hafedh Al-Saedi, Cristian-Emilian Pop, Sergiu Fendrihan, Giorgiana Diana Carmen Anghelescu, and Dan Florin Mihăilescu. 2022. "Epithelial Sodium Channel Inhibition by Amiloride Addressed with THz Spectroscopy and Molecular Modeling" Molecules 27, no. 10: 3271.

  • Cozorici, Derniza, Roxana-Alexandra Măciucă, Costel Stancu, Bianca-Maria Tihăuan, Robert Bogdan Uță, Cosmin Iulian Codrea, Răzvan Matache, Cristian-Emilian Pop, Robert Wolff, and Sergiu Fendrihan. 2022. "Microbial Contamination and Survival Rate on Different Types of Banknotes" International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 19, no. 7: 4310.

  • Dumitrescu et al. "Maturation of hydroxyapatite from biogenic calcium source – a comparative study" U.P.B. Sci. Bull., Series B, Vol. 84, Iss. 1, 2022. ISSN 1454-2331

  • Negrea, Bogdan-Mihai, Valeriu Stoilov-Linu, Cristian-Emilian Pop, György Deák, Nicolae Crăciun, and Marius Mirodon Făgăraș. 2022. "Expansion of the Invasive Plant Species Reynoutria japonica Houtt in the Upper Bistrița Mountain River Basin with a Calculus on the Productive Potential of a Mountain Meadow" Sustainability 14, no. 9: 5737.

  • Jawdhari, Abdulhusein, Dan Florin Mihăilescu, Sergiu Fendrihan, Valentin Jujea, Valeriu Stoilov-Linu, and Bogdan-Mihai Negrea. 2022. "Hypophthalmichthys molitrix (Asian Silver Carp) Presence in Danube Delta and Romania—A Review with Data on Natural Reproduction" Life 12, no. 10: 1582.

  • Miu, Bogdan Andrei, Cristian-Emilian Pop, Nicolai Crăciun, and György Deák. 2022. "Bringing Life Back into Former Mining Sites: A Mini-Review on Soil Remediation Using Organic Amendments" Sustainability 14, no. 19: 12469.


  • Pop, Cristian-Emilian, Sorin Draga, Roxana Măciucă, Roxana Niță, Nicolae Crăciun, and Robert Wolff. 2021. "Bisphenol A Effects in Aqueous Environment on Lemna minor" Processes 9, no. 9: 1512.

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