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Research & Initiatives

At Biologic, we believe that building and developing effective networks is crucial to the lives of our recipients. Since we started, we have worked hard to strengthen relationships with various causes and organizations all over the world. All of the causes we support remain close to our heart — and we see the importance of investing in such amazing organizations. 

Increased pollution rates and global warming are laying the foundation for catastrophes. One of our main goals is to address the environmental issues in order to offer ecological and sustainable solutions. A more and more concerning issue nowadays is plastic pollution,  which has a devasting impact on the ecosystems. We particularly concentrate our efforts on studying the effects of plastic and plastic additives such as bisphenol A, a compound used in the production of polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins, which can act as an endocrine disruptor. 

Given the complexity of environmental and public health, we collaborate with different organizations and independent researchers in various fields of applied sciences, with our strong belief that a multidisciplinary approach is the key to successful and sustainable results.


Another goal so important for us is the promotion of scientific education and supporting young researchers and students in overcoming early-career challenges, because we truly believe that excellence can be achieved only by encouraging initiative and passion for applied science as early as possible and that young researchers will shape the world of tomorrow.

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