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Non-Governmental Research Organization Biologic

Focused on environmental and public health surveys, while keeping an keen interest in fundamental research. Being an Research NGO, we are also pleased in meeting young scientists and students in order to support them  overcoming early career challenges.


We perform contractual ecotoxicological surveys in support of companies or other entities, thus facilitating the completion of environmental studies. Due to global warming and increased pollution rates, systematic multidisciplinary academic studies regarding human interaction with the environment are needed now more than ever.

Support for Environmental Studies

Our laboratory services are ISO grade chemical and microbiological assays, as follows:

Water and soil physico-chemical parameters

Protein content (qualitative and quantitative)

Tests for total microorganisms (TAMC and TYMC)

Soil and water tests for specified microorganisms

 Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry strain identification (MALDI TOF)

Phylogeny assays (ARDRA) 

Microbial ecology and microbial diversity assays


Laboratory Analyses

 We provide various computational services raging from ADMET prediction to small molecule and peptide docking, protein structure prediction and molecular dynamics in order to evaluate the impact of potentially harmful molecules (such as, for example, endocrine disruptors). For more information regarding our services send us your inquiry.

Computational Modeling


Recent Scientific Releases 

At Biologic, we believe that building and developing effective networks is crucial to the lives of our recipients. Since we started, we have worked hard to strengthen relationships with various causes and organizations all over the world. All of the causes we support remain close to our heart — and we see the importance of investing in such amazing organizations


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About Us

Non-Governmental Research Organization Biologic ( aka Asociatia Biologic ) was founded by young and senior researchers as an answer to our society's need for liberalization of science and environmental protection actions. 

Our aim is to ensure a future that doesn't sacrifices nature and its biodiversity, while integrating the next generation of scientists that want to get involved and grow with us.

At Biologic we perform environmental surveys, as well as classic laboratory assays for experimental designs. Our tools allow us to work on the field, in the laboratory, and in a virtual environment, thus covering all areas of the traditional requirements as well as the computational modeling ones.

The work we perform is adequate for various types of projects, because our expertise and technology, although primarily in environmental surveys and protection, can also be used in different areas such as veterinary, cosmetics, agrochemical, and food industries. We also welcome young scientists and students in a pro bono approach manner, helping them overcome early career issues and laying the foundation for future research collaborations with the next generation of experts. 


Considering the changes you’re hoping to make or goals you’re trying to achieve, we will provide you with sound advice and professional guidance every step of the way. 




Our Partners

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